Sunday School-9:45 AM

 A variety of Sunday School classes are offered at Second Church.

 You’ll Get Through This- Study guide  with DVD pack: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times. Study with pastor Max Lucado offers refreshing assurance. Max reminds participants God doesn’t promise that getting through trials will be quick or painless. Meets in the Lounge on the main floor Bible Study for All Levels-The Old  Testament Book 2 Samuel. David is known as Israel’s greatest king, but he was not a super-hero. He had to fight many battles to establish his throne, and when he did become king, he committed murder, adultery, and brought disaster on his family. He was a man with human failings and far from perfect, yet he was also a man after God’s own heart. David depended on God’s grace for forgiveness when he stumbled-the same grace that is available to us today. Located in the basement, first room on the left.

 Women’s Class – Will be studying Unexpected, a five session video Bible study, Christine Caine helps women step into their God-given calling by anticipating, welcoming, and even embracing the unexpected. The Unexpected Study Guide is designed to be used in conjunction with the video and will reinforce the teachings. Located in the basement, first room on right.

The Jesus Code– What powerful teaching technique did Jesus use? He asked challenging questions! Posing 52 scriptural queries accompanied by devotional prompts, Hawkins gets you thinking outside the box as you answer “Who is my neighbor?” “What does the Lord require of you?” “Why do you seek the living among the dead?” and more.    They meet in the basement last room on the left.
Jr./Sr. High-  A variety of lessons wand teachings will be held in the first room at the top of the Reed St. stairway.
BIBLE QUEST -Elementary children will be studying the following:
Sept – Prayer                                                    Oct – Faith
Nov – Esther                                                      Dec – Census and getting to Bethlehem
Jan – Jesus Choses His Disciples                    Feb – Woman at the Well
March – Holy Week                                          April – Easter
May – Road to Emmaus